Welcome to my room!!

Welcome to my room!! I made this site to blog about my faves and chat about whatever! I have my plush collection, a couple of shrines, and my own little blog! Enjoy your stay!

About the creator!

My name is Wirt (hence the website name)! I'm a video gamer and lover of all things cats! I've grown up loving weird, old web stuff and games. Having nerdy parents who had their PS1 hardmodded to play region-locked games does that to you, I guess, haha! My fave games of all time have got to be Little Big Planet, Sonic Adventure: 2, Crash: Twinsanity, and Undertale. I'm a very chatty person, and knowledgable in all things goofy! I have always loved thrifting, because one persons trash is definitely my treasure!❤ Strange, ugly fashion from the 2000s is sooo my fave thing ever! Also, I love tamagotchi. Thank you for reading, maybe I'll add more details later... O_O);